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A 5 day series of innovators, collaborators, thought leaders, and just really cool people sharing.

  • Mindful Monday – ZEN REGEN: Explore the art and science of regenerative modalities. A group meditation class.
  • Taste of Tuesday – Interactive setting with the founder of KOKAK Chocolate.
  • Wellness Wednesday – BEI STRONG. Take part in a fitness class that requires no weights or equipment.
  • Thoughts on Thursday – A BEI BREAKFAST Series: Join as 3 thought leaders in their field share how they disrupted their industry. Guest Speakers to be announced 91.
  • Finally Friday – Yoga with a Twist. Take part in a yoga class taught by one of our partners. Alcohol offered upon completion of class so all particpants must be 21.

You can find a more detailed description and how to reserve your seat by clicking on ‘PLAY’ and scroll to the ‘Calendar of Events’.